Apex Legends Mobile || How to Play Apex Legends Mobile on Android and IOS

Apex Legends Mobile – After not seeing each other for a long time, I finally reappeared this time I as the admin will review a few games that are predicted to be booming this year a game made by EA (Electronic Arts) This game can only be played on consoles and PCs in the future maybe it can be played on Android and IOS systems.

Apex Legends Mobile || How to Play Apex Legends Mobile on Android and IOS
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To play the Apex Legends Mobile game on your smartphone, you need sufficient specifications so that you can play and run normally, there are no problems when playing, along with the required specifications.

Android or IOS specifications

Android = Android 9 or above, minimum RAM 8GB, Processor Qualcomm 845, Graphics Andreno 630, CPU minimum Quad core Kryo 385.

iOS = iOS v14, 4GB RAM, Apple A14 Bionic Processor, Apple GPU or four core graphics for a smooth display.

Apex Legends Mobile on smartphones is the same as the original mode, there are Arena, Team Deathmatch and battle royals. There are quite a number of characters in mobile games and will be present such as: Bloodhound, Octane, Gibraltar, Lifeline, Caustic, Crypto, Revenant and many others that will be present in this game.

Although many elements are almost the same as other battle royale games, there are a number of differences that Apex Legends Mobile has. the most striking is the character (Legend) in the game, each of which has a unique ability.

In the tutorial mode, players will use a Legend named Bloodhound which has the skill "Recon" to detect nearby enemies, as well as the ultimate ability "Beast of the Hunt" which can strengthen characters when fighting.

This is similar to Call of Duty Mobile, where players can choose a role (Class) that has a variety of unique skills. The difference is, the "legends" in Apex Legends Mobile have more skills, namely passive skills, then active skill 1 and active skill 2 (Ultimate).

The Apex Legends Mobile game has a size of 1.2GB and the additional files are around 1.25GB. But unfortunately the Apex Legends Mobile game is still releasing beta versions of the game in several countries, also read other interesting articles on this blog.

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