Xbox July Event Series X || The Third Week of July the Xbox event July Series

Xbox July event - one of the biggest technology companies, Microsoft will open the Xbox Series X event this July which will feature several new console game titles. Until now there is no specific date for the event, but slowly but surely the issue surfaced.
Some information is spread on the internet, Microsoft is planning the event the third week of July, estimated on Sundays starting July 20th. Maybe July 23, because the last Microsoft event in May also takes place on next Thursday.

Where did the info come from? There are some game journalists in the social media Twitter who mention Sunday 20 July. Tweeted by the senior editor at The Verge magazine (Tom Warren).

There is another tweet from Jeff Grubb from Venturebeat, who is now entering the relevant week in his notoriously bad summer calendar, where he is predicting current summer games.

There are several estimates of this actually happening, including yesterday's big event  ps5 last June.

How likely is this show?

Of course it can't be said clearly and surely, but only recently did Microsoft Aaron Greenberg ask fans to be a little patient about the event in July. Even then it sounds as though the event will take place towards the end of the month rather than at the beginning of the month.

What will be displayed on the Xbox July event?

What is clear is that Microsoft will provide a broad view of several first-party titles at the event, including Halo Infinite from 343 Industries. Since 15 internal Xbox Studios are currently working on next-gen titles, but only a few of them are known so far, we also expect a range of new announcements.

According to the video game chronicle, the Xbox July event will also be the first game from The Initiative, a studio founded in 2018, which includes former major title developers such as Tomb Raider, God of War and many others.

That's a great review of the Xbox July event, hopefully useful for all of you.

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