Fortnite Galaxy Cup || How to Get Skin Fortnite in Galaxy Cup

Fortnite Galaxy Cup - Meet you again this time, I will discuss a little about the epic games that are busy in the conversation, Epic Games has also announced the opening of the Samsung Galaxy Cup for Android players. This Samsung Galaxy Cup provides an opportunity for friends who are eligible to win the Galaxy Scout skin that looks attractive, and those who don't have an Android device are also asked whether they will be added to the fornite item shop.
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If you want to participate in the Galaxy Trophy for Fortnite, you are required to have a supported and compatible Android device, the player must also make sure Two Factor Authentication is enabled for his Epic Games account.

Here you will find a way to get a female Galaxy Scout skin if you are entitled to the trophy, and find out if it will be added to the item shop if you don't have a compatible Android device.

How to Get Galaxy Scout Skins on Fortnite Galaxy Cup

You can get the Galaxy Scout skin at Fortnite by participating in the Samsung Galaxy Cup on  25 and 26 july,2020.

If you participate in the Samsung Galaxy Cup Fortnite Cup, you will get the Galaxy Scout skin by finishing in the best ranking player as listed below.

• Europe: Top 10,000
• NA-East: Top 7,500
• NA-West: Top 2,500
• Latin America: the top 2,500
• Asia: Top 1,250
• Middle East: Top 1,250
• Oceania: Top 1,250

Even if you are reluctant to finish the game with the best performance, only playing five games will give you a prize in the form of a Star Scout Wrap.

To participate in the Galaxy Cup, you are required to download Fortnite from the Galaxy Store on your Samsung device.

Meanwhile, for Android device owners, you must have a compatible version that can play Epic Games Battle Royale.

Get Fortnite Galaxy Scout Skins From the Item Shop?

Yes, you will be able to get beautiful women's skin at Fortnite Galaxy from the item shop,
All Fortnite users will be able to get the Galaxy Scout skin from the item shop after the Samsung Galaxy Cup has finished playing.

The Epic Games website does not say when it will be added or how much it will cost, but it will be immediately available to everyone and all users.

That's a little review of the Fortnite Galaxy Cup, hopefully it will be useful for loyal readers of this blog, thank you Also read other interesting articles Colored Eyes Filter Instagram

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